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We believe in the unlimited potential of the human body. It’s a matter of finding the time, motivation, and resources for people to tap into it. This is no easy task—even for the most driven and capable among us—due in part to the landscape of the wellness industry. There are too many options, little holistic direction, a scarcity of hig

Continuum was formed by a team of leading professionals in the well being, scientific, and design communities. Our objective is to simplify, concentrate, and personalize the wellness journey—with expert oversight and innovative physical analysis—in a world-class facility. Exercise and performance, recovery and leisure, luxury and connection, in one meticulously curated space.

Continuum is a member’s only club designed to deliver a 360-degree wellness experience that exceeds the expectations of the world’s most discerning clientele. Our exclusive community is made up of business and industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and influential creatives. We nurture an inspired culture with a shared passion for continuous self-optimization.

Our flagship Greenwich Village club marks the start of Continuum’s mission. We will soon be integrating AI-powered assistive programming, including a proprietary app so members can gain hyper-personalized insights and suggestions in real time. Much like our clientele’s pursuit of a physical ideal, Continuum’s vision for a reimagined wellness experience is forward-looking and continuously evolving. Together, we are on a mission to explore the unlimited potential of the human body.

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