Total Wellness.
Expertly Curated.

Our club is custom designed to activate the senses and elevate every facet of the wellness experience. Craftsmanship by acclaimed local artisans frame the environs, infusing dramatic natural elements into a spacious layout.

Access state-of-the art training equipment and recovery technology. Gain data-based insights through extensive biometric analysis. Connect with others or disconnect from the world in our signature lounge, curated to deliver a unique grounding effect that restores the mind and body. Continuum offers a wide array of premium amenities, otherwise not found in one sweeping space.

Upon entry, members enjoy personalized white glove service from our exceedingly attentive staff. Academically- and experientially-accomplished personal trainers, physical therapists, and practitioners attend to members’ individual wellness programs. Exercise and performance, treatment and therapy, luxury and connection; in one exclusive community.

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